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A girl writing about football?? As a former player at the highest level, the realization of what the game means from a different perspective than the normal ‘guys that played the game’ is both refreshing and powerful. The breaking down of the virtues and values that were instilled in me by playing the game are clearly put forward by Jennifer’s deep appreciation for the game.

Whether you are a pro, just played some high school ball or are just a fan of the game, this book will give you a deeper appreciation for why the game is so much more than just a concussion factory.

And for those of you that don’t get the game or were never a fan, it is a very insightful read on why you may want to give the sport a second look

Brent Novoselsky, former NFL Tight End

Jen’s writing and speaking style is the perfect match of passion meeting talent and depth. Her deep love of football and the way it’s played allows her to understand it at a level missed by most of us. She then takes that wisdom and applies it to the business world to, in essence, give us the tools to build a super bowl caliber team.

Jen is a joy to work with and the positive after-effect of her message on our team will be seen for a long time

Andrew Coleman, Chief Commercial Officer, GE Aviation Digital

Ms. Garrett’s book gives great detail about the game of football, and what it can do for you off the field in a business setting or life.

This book can open your eyes to what people are missing about the game of football and the beauty behind the game.

This is a must read !!!

Coach Nick Toledo, Professional football coach

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“Move the Ball” was featured on Jeff Immelt’s 2016 Summer reading list

Jeff Immelt, Former CEO, GE, ex-CEO, General Electric