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“After reading Jennifer’s book, I couldn’t believe that she had written a book using football terminology. The principles Jennifer highlighted, along with the examples and stories she told, was as if she had been rolling and shuffling as one of the members of the football teams that I played on. It was like Jennifer had been there during the trials and triumphs on the field and in the locker room.”

“Jennifer knows how to translate the game of football into lessons that can help the next generation move the ball forward in life.”

Tyrone P. Keys, 1985 Chicago Bears, Super Bowl XX Champion

“A girl writing about football?? As a former player at the highest level, the realization of what the game means from a different perspective than the normal ‘guys that played the game’ is both refreshing and powerful. The breaking down of the virtues and values that were instilled in me by playing the game are clearly put forward by Jennifer’s deep appreciation for the game.

“Whether you are a pro, just played some high school ball or are just a fan of the game, this book will give you a deeper appreciation for why the game is so much more than just a concussion factory.”

And for those of you that don’t get the game or were never a fan, it is a very insightful read on why you may want to give the sport a second look.”

Brent Novoselsky, Former NFL Tight End

“Jennifer’s resume and life experience speaks for itself – she’s a lawyer, author, mentor and all around great person who has important daily and life lessons that will help you navigate through life’s challenges. I encourage you to read her book ‘Move the Ball: How the Game of American Football Can Help You Achieve Your Life Goals’.” 

“Her unique take on connecting football to life lessons applies to almost any business or personal decision!”

Jim Duquette, Former MLB General Manager, New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles

John Janata, University of Illinois & Chicago Bears

“Jen is a military Veteran, a successful business woman, an entrepreneur, a mother and a die hard football fan. We met at an event that brings together military Veterans and professional athletes, with Jen being the Veteran and me being a former professional athlete. Jen asked if I could read her book, Move the Ball: How the Game of American Football Can Help You Achieve Your Life Goals, and let her know what I thought of it. Well let me tell you, I played organized football for 16 years, including stints in the Big Ten and the NFL. I thought I knew football. I also thought I knew what it takes to achieve goals, I was schooled in both.

“Jen’s book and knowledge blew me away. If we lived in different times, Jen would be coaching a college or NFL team. She understands the intricacies of the game like few fans, players or even coaches. She was able to use that knowledge to connect the dots between succeeding in football, in the business world, and in life.”

Jen has done it all, and done it successfully. If you love the game of football and want some insight into how to succeed in the business world, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of Move the Ball.  Spoiler alert, be prepared to be schooled by “a girl” about what it takes to succeed at both.  I was. I mean that with all due respect.”

Andrew Coleman, Chief Commercial Officer, GE Aviation Digital

“Jen’s writing and speaking style is the perfect match of passion meeting talent and depth. Her deep love of football and the way it’s played allows her to understand it at a level missed by most of us. She then takes that wisdom and applies it to the business world to, in essence, give us the tools to build a super bowl caliber team.”

“Jen is a joy to work with and the positive after-effect of her message on our team will be seen for a long time.”

Dr. Thom Park, Co-Founder & Managing Member of Gamebreakers LLC & 40-yr+ Member of American Football Coaches Association (AFCA)

“Ms. Jen Garrett is a truly remarkable human being. This high energy young lady is an Army lawyer, an MBA, an accomplished author, a fine speaker, an ‘outside the box’ thinker par excellent, a prodigious achiever, and a moving motivational speaker who travels constantly energizing executives and organizational leaders.”

“Jen’s book ‘Move the Ball’ should be required reading at any corporation in the C level suites. Jen Garrett will light up any room with her charisma, her beauty, her intelligence, and her charm. Next to the term ‘Winner’ in the dictionary you will find her picture.”

 Cory Warfield, CEO – Shedwool

“Jennifer is the real deal. A lawyer, consultant, author, and strategist who has done amazing work. Her book is one that I re-read and recommend often, and the strategic coaching sessions I have had with her have really helped provide clarity and actionable roadmaps that have been game-changing for me. Jennifer is a connector and knows more about sports than most people I have ever met. Her ability to view business as a ‘sport’, and to coach others through it using similar techniques, is a refreshing and welcome new approach.”

“I recommend Jen for anyone looking to reach higher levels in business and in life. Jen really helped me to move the ball.”

“Jennifer is the kind of person we should strive to have in our circle. Her abilities and her aspirations to do even more than what she has already accomplished is an inspiration!”

Jarrod Parker, Former MLB Pitcher and Owner of Parker Sports Performance

“To say that Jennifer A. Garrett is a captivating speaker would be the understatement of the century. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to Jennifer and I plan on having her back next year!”

“Her onstage presence kept the audience glued to the stage from beginning to end.”

David Jackson, Owner, Surface Marketing

Otis Hudson, Former NFL Offensive Guard

“As a former professional athlete, having structure can fade after your playing days are over. Jennifer really put things back into perspective balancing life and sports.”

Gary Westfal, Best-Selling Author,Coach, and Mentor
“Jen is one of the smartest and most energetic people I know. In her book, Move The Ball, she draws useful parallels between the strategy, tactics, and lessons of football and life.”
“The insight and information she provides produces real and lasting change you can immediately implement, whether you are reading her publications or listening to her speak.”


I am an internationally recognized author, entrepreneurial-minded executive, and powerful speaker who possesses a passion for helping others, pushing boundaries and driving individuals and organizations out of their comfort zone. I am able to connect with people and show them how to cross the goal line and win.

A results-oriented leader with a proven track record of challenging the status quo, I drive organizational efficiency, close large-scale business deals, and exceed targets. My broad background includes seven professional degrees, military service as an Army Judge Advocate, and experience in sales, marketing, branding, engineering, program management, strategic planning, intellectual property, large-scale contract negotiations, and taxation.

I am available as a keynote speaker and for other speaking engagements, leadership consulting, and executive coaching.

I look forward to hearing from you.

“Move the Ball” was featured on Jeff Immelt’s 2016 Summer reading list

Jeff Immelt, Former CEO, GE, ex-CEO, General Electric